Savor The Best of France in 10 days

(4.5 / 5)

Savor the best of France with this 10-day meander from Paris to Nice. Travel by train, rental car, and boat across a number of France’s best sights. This gives the best of France in 10 days.


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Day by day

  • Day 1.

    Start in Paris in the 1st Arrondissement. Hit up the most touristy parts, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Le Louvre (walk by), Galeries Lafayette, The Arc de Triomphe.

  • Day 2.

    Wonder further away from the main drag and check out Belleville a neighborhood on a hill with views of the city/Eiffel Tower. Head to The Marais for shopping, or check out Rue de Charonne also has a lot of boutiques

  • Day 3.

    Jump in a rented car and drive to Normandy and Mont St-Michel ~3-4 hours from Paris. On the way back to Paris, drive on the southern end and stop at Versailles.

  • Day 4.

    Wake up head to the train station and buy a high-speed ticket to Lyon. Stay in a Castle Château de Bagnols in the Beaujolais region and get a few winery tours in.

  • Day 5.

    Head to Vieux Lyon to see Traboules.

  • Day 6.

    Rent a car and start driving south towards Nice. In approximately a 4 hour drive, see Roman Nîmes and Vers-Pont-du-Gard.

  • Day 7.

    Check into the hotel in Nice, check out Colline du Château, Boat trip in Le Port-Garibaldi, Walk Promenade des Anglais

  • Day 8.

    Villefranche-sur-mer with sand a 10-minute bus ride away Promenade des Anglais -- walk further east, past the boardwalk area for views of the Mediterranean

  • Day 9.

    Monaco! Take a bus, train or boat over to Monaco. See Monte Carlo Casino, Monaco Top Cars Collection, and the Napoleon Museum

  • Day 10.

    Head back to Paris and head home.

Tips & variations

  • This is a fast-paced itinerary. This doesn't give a lot of downtimes. For travelers that want a little more time in each place, cut out the day trip to Normandy and Mont St-Michel.

  • France doesn't have automatic cars. So for all the US drivers, make sure it's not a manual if you can't drive a manual

  • Food lovers should spend more time in Lyon and Paris.

  • Cutting out the day trip to Monaco allows more time in Nice.


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