50 Best Waterfalls across New York

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New York is #5 on the list of most waterfalls by state (#1 is Washington state). New York State is blessed with an abundance of breathtaking waterfalls that span across its diverse landscapes, from the majestic peaks of the Adirondacks to the rolling hills of the Finger Lakes region. These natural wonders draw visitors from far and wide, offering a captivating display of nature’s raw power and beauty. New York state has over 902 different waterfalls, and we’ve selected the top 50 notable waterfalls dotting the state. New York boasts a rich tapestry of cascades, each with its unique charm.

What sets New York’s waterfalls apart is the sheer variety and accessibility they offer. From the iconic Niagara Falls, one of the world’s most renowned waterfalls, to the hidden gems tucked away in secluded corners of state parks, New York’s waterfall scene is truly unparalleled. Whether you’re seeking the thundering roar of mighty falls or the serene trickle of cascades, there’s a waterfall in New York to suit every taste.

When compared to other states, New York stands out as a premier destination for waterfall enthusiasts. While states like Oregon and Washington may boast larger concentrations of waterfalls, New York’s collection is equally impressive in its diversity and accessibility. The state’s waterfalls are often nestled within well-preserved parks and natural areas, allowing visitors to easily explore and immerse themselves in the surrounding beauty.

New York’s waterfalls offer a range of experiences, from leisurely walks along well-maintained trails to exhilarating hikes through rugged terrains. Some waterfalls invite you to take a refreshing dip in their pristine pools, while others provide scenic viewpoints for capturing awe-inspiring photographs. The accessibility and variety of New York’s waterfalls make them an ideal destination for families, adventure seekers, and nature lovers of all ages.

Whether you embark on a journey to witness the grandeur of Niagara Falls or seek the tranquility of a secluded cascade deep in the wilderness, New York State’s waterfalls beckon with their timeless allure. From the raw power of Taughannock Falls to the ethereal beauty of Kaaterskill Falls, each waterfall tells a unique story and offers a glimpse into the remarkable forces that have shaped New York’s natural landscapes. So, pack your camera, lace up your hiking boots, and embark on an unforgettable adventure to explore the captivating waterfalls of New York State.

Top 50 Waterfalls in NY

  • 1. Niagara Falls:

    One of the world's most famous waterfalls, Niagara Falls consists of three stunning cascades: Horseshoe Falls, American Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls. It offers a mesmerizing display of immense power and beauty.

  • 2. Taughannock Falls:

    Located in Taughannock Falls State Park, this waterfall plunges 215 feet (65.5 meters) into a gorge, making it one of the highest single-drop waterfalls in the eastern United States. Surrounded by lush forests, it's a sight to behold.

  • 3. Watkins Glen State Park Waterfalls:

    A series of picturesque waterfalls can be found within Watkins Glen State Park, showcasing the natural beauty of the Finger Lakes region. The park's gorge trail offers a captivating journey through 19 different waterfalls.

  • 4. Letchworth State Park Waterfalls:

    Known as the "Grand Canyon of the East," Letchworth State Park is home to several waterfalls. Middle Falls, Upper Falls, and Lower Falls are particularly noteworthy, with their cascading waters surrounded by scenic cliffs and forests.

  • 5. Buttermilk Falls:

    Nestled in Buttermilk Falls State Park, this waterfall tumbles down multiple tiers, creating a frothy, white cascade. Visitors can hike along the trails and cool off in the inviting natural pools at the base.

  • 6. Robert H. Treman State Park Waterfalls:

    This park features multiple waterfalls along the rugged Enfield Glen. Lucifer Falls, the centerpiece, is a 115-foot (35-meter) plunge waterfall that captivates visitors with its power and grandeur.

  • 7. Kaaterskill Falls:

    A two-tiered waterfall with a total drop of 260 feet (79 meters), Kaaterskill Falls is one of the most iconic waterfalls in the Catskill Mountains. Surrounded by lush forests, it has inspired artists and writers for centuries.

  • 8. Chittenango Falls:

    Located in Chittenango Falls State Park, this 167-foot (51-meter) waterfall is a true natural gem. The striking rock formations surrounding the falls add to its scenic allure.

  • 9. Salmon River Falls:

    Situated in the Tug Hill region, Salmon River Falls boasts a dramatic drop of 110 feet (33.5 meters). It's an impressive sight, especially during the spring and early summer when the water flow is at its peak.

  • 10. High Falls Gorge:

    Found in the Adirondack Mountains, High Falls Gorge offers a breathtaking display of cascading waterfalls. Visitors can explore the gorge via well-maintained walkways and bridges, taking in the beauty of the surrounding ancient granite cliffs.

  • 11. Eternal Flame Falls:

    This unique waterfall, located in Chestnut Ridge Park, features a hidden gem—a natural gas flame that burns behind the cascading water. It creates a magical and enchanting atmosphere for visitors.

  • 12. Stony Brook State Park Waterfalls:

    Stony Brook State Park is known for its picturesque waterfalls, including Lower Falls and Upper Falls. The park's rugged terrain and pristine natural surroundings make it a perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

  • 13. Carpenter Falls:

    Situated in the town of Niles, Carpenter Falls is a hidden gem within the Bahar Nature Preserve. The waterfall drops approximately 90 feet (27 meters) into a scenic gorge, offering a tranquil and serene setting.

  • 14. Tinkers Falls:

    Located in Labrador Hollow Unique Area, Tinkers Falls is a captivating 50-foot (15-meter) waterfall. Surrounded by lush greenery, it's a popular spot for hikers and nature lovers seeking a peaceful retreat.

  • 15. Rensselaer Falls:

    Found in St. Lawrence County, Rensselaer Falls is a charming waterfall that cascades over exposed bedrock. Its picturesque setting makes it an ideal destination for photography enthusiasts.

  • 16. Indian Falls:

    Situated near Corfu, Indian Falls is a beautiful cascade that drops around 20 feet (6 meters) into a shallow pool below. It offers a tranquil spot for picnicking and relaxation.

  • 17. Watkins Glen Gorge:

    Part of Watkins Glen State Park, the gorge is adorned with a series of mesmerizing waterfalls and breathtaking rock formations. Visitors can hike along the trail, passing by Cavern Cascade, Rainbow Falls, and many other enchanting cascades.

  • 18. Lucifer Falls:

    Located within Robert H. Treman State Park, Lucifer Falls is a magnificent 115-foot (35-meter) waterfall that plunges into a deep pool. Its raw power and surrounding natural beauty create a memorable sight.

  • 19. Grimes Glen:

    Tucked away in Naples, Grimes Glen is a picturesque gorge featuring several waterfalls. Visitors can explore the trail, leading them to stunning cascades and serene swimming holes.

  • 20. Fillmore Glen State Park Waterfalls:

    Fillmore Glen State Park is home to five splendid waterfalls along its hiking trails. The 85-foot (26-meter) main cascade, known as Fillmore Glen Falls, is the highlight of this beautiful park.

  • 21. Hector Falls:

    Located in the Finger Lakes region, Hector Falls is a picturesque waterfall that cascades down a series of rocky ledges. Its serene setting and gentle flow make it a tranquil spot for nature enthusiasts.

  • 22. She-Qua-Ga Falls:

    Found in Montour Falls, She-Qua-Ga Falls is a charming waterfall that drops about 156 feet (48 meters) into a small gorge. The surrounding park offers scenic viewpoints to admire the falls' beauty.

  • 23. Shelving Rock Falls:

    Situated in the Adirondacks near Lake George, Shelving Rock Falls is a scenic cascade nestled amidst a lush forest. The falls can be reached via a moderate hike and provide a serene escape into nature.

  • 24. Glen Falls:

    Located in Williamsville, Glen Falls is a beautiful urban waterfall that tumbles down a series of terraces. Surrounded by a peaceful park setting, it's a delightful spot for a leisurely stroll.

  • 25. Split Rock Falls:

    Situated in the Adirondacks near Elizabethtown, Split Rock Falls is a striking waterfall that plunges down a rocky face into a refreshing pool below. The hike to the falls is rewarding, offering picturesque views of the surrounding wilderness.

  • 26. Shadigee Falls:

    Found in Allegany State Park, Shadigee Falls is a picturesque waterfall that cascades down a rocky slope, creating a beautiful sight. It's a popular spot for hiking and picnicking.

  • 27. Plattekill Falls:

    Located in Platte Clove Preserve, Plattekill Falls is a breathtaking waterfall surrounded by scenic beauty. The falls drop dramatically into a pool, making it a popular destination for photographers and nature enthusiasts.

  • 28. Rattlesnake Gulch:

    Situated in Letchworth State Park, Rattlesnake Gulch is a picturesque gorge with several stunning waterfalls. The cascades, nestled amidst towering cliffs, create a picturesque and awe-inspiring landscape.

  • 29. Kaaterskill Clove Waterfalls:

    Kaaterskill Clove is home to several captivating waterfalls, including Bastion Falls, Kaaterskill Falls Lower Trail, and Fawn's Leap. These falls offer a variety of experiences, from gentle cascades to dramatic plunges.

  • 30. Canajoharie Falls:

    Located in Canajoharie, this small but charming waterfall is nestled in a scenic park. It provides a peaceful setting for visitors to enjoy the soothing sounds of flowing water.

  • 31. Beardslee Falls:

    Situated in the Shingle Gully Nature Preserve, Beardslee Falls is a hidden gem surrounded by lush greenery. The waterfall's serene atmosphere and natural beauty make it a perfect spot for relaxation.

  • 32. Bump's Falls:

    Found in the Keene Valley region of the Adirondacks, Bump's Falls is a picturesque cascade that drops into a refreshing pool. The area is known for its pristine wilderness and hiking opportunities.

  • 33. Darien Lakes State Park Waterfalls:

    Darien Lakes State Park features a collection of picturesque waterfalls, including Harlow Lake Falls and Oatka Creek Falls. These tranquil cascades provide a peaceful escape into nature.

  • 34. Rock City Falls:

    Located near Ballston Spa, Rock City Falls is a charming waterfall nestled in a lush forest. The falls, surrounded by towering rock formations, offer a serene and scenic retreat.

  • 35. Shelving Rock Falls:

    Situated in the Adirondacks near Lake George, Shelving Rock Falls is a scenic cascade nestled amidst a lush forest. The falls can be reached via a moderate hike and provide a serene escape into nature.

  • 36. Hemlock Falls:

    Found in the eastern Adirondacks, Hemlock Falls is a picturesque waterfall that drops over a rocky ledge into a serene pool below. It's a hidden gem, perfect for those seeking a tranquil and off-the-beaten-path experience.

  • 37. Katterskill Creek Falls:

    Located near the town of Haines Falls, Katterskill Creek boasts a series of beautiful waterfalls. The falls offer a mesmerizing display of cascades and rapids, surrounded by the region's stunning natural scenery.

  • 38. Ludlowville Falls:

    Situated near Ithaca, Ludlowville Falls is a hidden gem nestled along Salmon Creek. The waterfall drops gracefully into a scenic gorge, providing a peaceful and secluded escape for visitors.

  • 39. Minnewaska State Park Preserve Waterfalls:

    Minnewaska State Park Preserve is home to several captivating waterfalls, including Awosting Falls and Rainbow Falls. These falls, set amidst pristine forests and rugged cliffs, offer a breathtaking natural spectacle.

  • 40. Peekamoose Blue Hole Waterfalls:

    Located within the Catskill Mountains, Peekamoose Blue Hole is a natural swimming spot adorned with small waterfalls. It's a refreshing oasis for those seeking to cool off and relax amidst nature.

  • 41. Rainbow Falls (Ausable Chasm):

    Found within Ausable Chasm, Rainbow Falls is a spectacular waterfall that plunges into a narrow gorge. The falls' mist creates vivid rainbows, adding to the enchantment of the surroundings.

  • 42. Pratt's Falls:

    Situated in Onondaga County, Pratt's Falls is a picturesque waterfall that cascades down a rocky ledge. The falls are surrounded by a scenic park, making it a popular spot for picnicking and outdoor activities.

  • 43. Panthertown Falls:

    Located in the Panther Mountain region of the Catskills, Panthertown Falls offers a serene and secluded retreat. The falls tumble down a series of rocky steps, creating a tranquil atmosphere.

  • 44. Stony Clove Creek Falls:

    Found in the Catskill Mountains, Stony Clove Creek Falls is a charming waterfall nestled amidst lush greenery. The cascades, surrounded by serene forested landscapes, provide a peaceful escape for visitors.

  • 45. Mine Kill Falls:

    Situated in Mine Kill State Park, Mine Kill Falls is a majestic waterfall that drops approximately 80 feet (24 meters) into a rocky gorge. It's a popular destination for hiking, picnicking, and enjoying the scenic beauty of the region.

  • 46. Lampson Falls:

    Located in Colton, Lampson Falls is a beautiful cascade that flows over exposed bedrock, creating a picturesque scene. The falls are surrounded by scenic forested landscapes, offering a tranquil escape into nature.

  • 47. Vernooy Kill Falls:

    Found in the Shawangunk Mountains, Vernooy Kill Falls is a scenic waterfall that drops into a serene pool. The surrounding area is known for its natural beauty and provides opportunities for hiking and exploration.

  • 48. Bash Bish Falls:

    Situated near the Massachusetts border, Bash Bish Falls is a stunning waterfall that plunges approximately 60 feet (18 meters) into a pool below. Surrounded by a lush forest, it's a popular destination for nature lovers.

  • 49. Upper Chateaugay Lake Falls:

    Located near the town of Lyon Mountain, Upper Chateaugay Lake Falls is a picturesque waterfall that flows into Chateaugay Lake. The falls provide a tranquil setting for enjoying the region's natural beauty.

  • 50. Beaver Meadow Falls:

    Found in Adirondack Park, Beaver Meadow Falls is a charming waterfall that drops into a peaceful meadow. It's a hidden gem that offers a serene and scenic escape for nature enthusiasts.


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